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The bathtub is an important part of any bathroom. It’s where you take your bath, and it can be the focal point in a room. But over time, bathtubs can become stained or lose their shine with wear and tear. When this happens, it’s time to call San Ramon Bathroom Remodeling for bathtub glazing services or bathtub overlay service in San Ramon!

If your bathtub is looking a little rough, you may be considering installing a new one. However, this can be an expensive and time-consuming process. If you’re interested in saving money on installation costs without sacrificing the quality of your tub, consider having it re-glazed or overlaid instead! Re-glazing involves applying glass to the surface of the existing tub while the overlay is applied to the outside of the existing tub. Call our experts now at (925) 332-0227 to learn more about our services.

About San Ramon Bathroom Remodeling

If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom or kitchen and want to do it right the first time, contact San Ramon Bathroom Remodeling. We offer a free consultation to discuss your project with you and help you decide what kind of materials and fixtures will be best for your home. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (925) 332-0227 today! We are committed to providing our customers with a high-quality service that will last for years without peeling.

San Ramon Bathroom Remodeling bathtub glazing and bathtub overlay services are not only easy to install, but they’re also affordable! Contact us today for all the details about our bathtub products and installation process before it’s too late!

What is Bathtub Glazing?

The process of bathtub glazing is a meticulous and careful one, but it will make your tub look new again. In the past, tubs were made with porcelain or ceramic material that would chip and crack over time. To fix this problem, we now use glass to cover the top surface of the tub, which does not need any kind of resurfacing in the future because it’s made from durable materials. The process starts by removing all water and debris from inside the tub so that you can get an idea of where there are any cracks before moving on to coating it with a special resin layer on the inside that holds up well against wear and tear. It’s then coated on both sides with two layers of clear glass heated and cooled to seal it in place.

What is Bathtub Overlay?

No one wants to have to replace their bathtub, but sometimes it is necessary. The best way to prolong your tub’s life is by using a bathtub overlay. A bathtub overlay is an easy-to-install solution that will protect the surface of your current tub from scratches and chips while also providing you with an attractive alternative for updating the look of your bathroom. Bathtubs are expensive pieces, so why not give your extra protection? Whether you need help installing it or just want more information on how these overlays work, contact us today!

The bathtub overlay process begins with a complete tear-out of the old bathtub and installing a new whirlpool-style tub. Bathtub replacement will require cutting out the fiberglass shell, lower shower area surround tile, and the existing drain assembly. Our experts will then insert a PVC drainage pipe from the wall into the drain opening for future drain placement in the finished bathroom. All this waste pipe will need to be directed outside the foundation through a dedicated opening in your home’s exterior wall, which may require cutting into the block or stucco wall you have at that location. Next, we will remove all existing floor tiles and mortar around the bathtub area, creating a solid base for the new tile flooring. We will install custom floor tiles and a new water-resistant undermount tub deck with a cultured marble cap rail to complete the process.

Bathtub Glazing or Bathtub Overlay: Which is the Best for You?

A bathtub overlay is a type of resurfacing that can be done quickly and with minimal mess. It’s an affordable option for homeowners looking to update their baths without the expense or disruption of removing the old tub first. On the other hand, bathtub glazing entails removing all traces of your current tub and replacing it with a new one. These two options often have different cost ranges because they require vastly different labor and materials. 

Hire San Ramon Bathroom Remodeling

San Ramon Bathroom Remodeling is committed to providing our customers with high-quality services. We offer bathtub glazing and tub overlay services to leave no bathtub uncoated and exposed to the elements. When you choose San Ramon Bathroom Remodeling, we will make sure that the process of bathtub glazing or bathtub overlay is done right! Reach us today at (925) 332-0227.

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